Ability to remain independent while maintaining the competitive edge and administrative economies of a large group practice.


Payor Contracting

Contract analysis and ongoing monitoring, administrative support

Access to competitive contract terms

Provider advocacy

Ability to direct contract with large employers with a broad continuum of care as well as geographic spread

Positioned for global rates


Fee schedule analysis-comparison of your fees to federal, state and commercial contract schedules

Office Policy and Procedure Manual, OSHA Manual, HIPAA Manual, Risk Management Manual - free to members

Compliance training provided for OSHA, EEOC, HIPAA, State and Federal Regulations

Centralized credentialing for all payors, hospitals, etc.  (Alliance completes all your applications)

Strategic planning

Administrative assistance for insurance contract compliance

Practice/operational assessment/education

Resume file/sharing, job descriptions

"Best practices" communication among members

Notary services free to members

Professional CVs created; updated

Salary and benefits data available in aggregate for Alliance members and actual wages paid locally


Provider Directory updated quarterly, distributed in the community, health fairs, and providers' offices 

New Member Notices in Newspaper

Referral Forms

Web Site:

Listings in Community Directories

Group Purchasing

Malpractice  and other insurance products through MAG Mutual Insurance and their Risk Management Program

Malpractice (with The Doctors Company) and other insurance products  through OROS Risk Solutions

Free and/or low cost seminars for physicians and staff (coding, Medicare, OSHA, Risk Management, Legal Updates, Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, Billing Practices, Office Efficiencies)

Discount on medical manuals, coding books, etc. 

Quality Improvement/Education

Free Local CME Courses and CME tracking for physicians

Alliance Recourses of Clinical Protocols, Disease Management, Practice Guidelines, Patient Education Materials

Research on provider requested topics: legal, regulatory, compliance

Potential for group development of disease management protocols, peer review and quality of care improvement

Patient satisfaction survey process

Community health insurance survey to determine market demographics

Information Systems Development

Health Information Technology development utilizing group size for cost containment and eliminating duplication of effort. 

Developed web site for Alliance

Encouraging use of the Internet 

Community and Patient Advocacy 

                 Conduct market analysis surveys to assess community needs

                    Contribute Patient Safety articles in local news media and magazines

                    Provide patient educational materials, appointment time management, medication cards

PPO Network

The Alliance is a PPO Provider Network that can be accessed directly by health plans and/or self-insured employers.




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